I know I am not a risk taker by nature. I don’t have an overwhelming desire to sky dive. I can do without mountain climbing or deep-sea diving. I can say stress makes me crazy, as well as other things I have no control over. The thought of going into a stressful situation makes me nervous. But what if we were meant to take risks?? Impossible, crazy, and maybe even life-changing risks? Continue reading “Risk??”

How to make your family great

Recently God impressed on my heart to be reading Psalm 112 over my family. A psalm that declares what a prosperous generation looks like. As a mom, I long to know that my children will not only know Jesus all the days of their lives, but that they would choose to live lives that will ultimately be blessed and show the world the love of God. My prayer..  What if we could be this family? What if we could influence the world around us by just being who we are called to be? Here is an example of what I pray.

Continue reading “How to make your family great”

3 things people need

I encounter a lot of people. I talk to people in the grocery store, or a business meeting. I meet homeschool moms, and congregation members. I visit with people via social media who befriend me. I feel that sometimes it really is not my nature to be as extroverted as I seem to be, but somehow I really enjoy people and what we all have in common. We all want a better life. We all want to succeed. Continue reading “3 things people need”

Planning on your Dreams

Almost every morning I wake up, I am thinking about the day. What needs to be done, calls that need to me made, or things that are weighing on my heart. And, depending on the way I slept (good or bad), how it will all get accomplished. Most mornings I am usually quiet. I love the sound of stillness as the husband and children have not awaken yet. I am always in reflection or mediation of my Father and just listening as He speaks to my heart. Continue reading “Planning on your Dreams”

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