I know I am not a risk taker by nature. I don’t have an overwhelming desire to sky dive. I can do without mountain climbing or deep-sea diving. I can say stress makes me crazy, as well as other things I have no control over. The thought of going into a stressful situation makes me nervous. But what if we were meant to take risks?? Impossible, crazy, and maybe even life-changing risks?

I recently heard a man speak about taking Risks. Risks?? Me? No, I like to play it safe, in the lines, by the rules. I jokingly laughed about it and thought, ” I live with a risk taker, so I can be the play it safe girl.” But something from that moment stirred inside me. I kept thinking. ” Do I really want to live my life without taking any risks?”

The man correlated Risks to having Faith in God. God does want us to step out of the boat, speak to the mountain, and believe the impossible. Isn’t that all risks? One thing he said made me think. The thought always comes,” What if I get it wrong, or something bad happens?” “What if people get hurt or offended??”

What if…??

In all that sums it up, my ” what if?”, is fear. Fear holds us back in taking the risk. Stepping out in faith. Doing things in the natural we would not do. Fear will tell you that you have no voice. Fear will say you can’t make a difference. Or change is bad and stay on the same course.

Jesus, our example of faith, took risks all the time. He had every opportunity to turn down risks, or turn away, but He knew that the people he had compassion for was the bigger goal. As I feel that as I know my Savior more, as I see deeper into His eyes, I know that the risks I take are for Him. To reach His people to draw all men to Jesus. He didn’t look at the “what ifs?” Jesus knew He was called, He knew His Authority, He knew who He belonged to.

God has been stirring in my heart to quit being afraid. Believe that I am powerful and I can do all that is in my heart to do. I just have to take the risk.  I want to reach out when its uncomfortable, pursue my dreams and ministry that God has for me. I want to reach as many people for His Kingdom and bring His Kingdom to earth. It’s time I stop hiding behind my Father’s robe and learn that my confidence in Him.

I won’t talk about the negative side, because then it will try to creep up and squash your desire. We know their might be a few and they might be tough. But if we trust Him, then we can be sure He will catch us if we fall, or help us clean up any mess. Is He worth the risk? Hebrews 11:6, “For without Faith it is impossible to please God, for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.” He did not say,” Who also got it right and was successful.” He just said faith pleased God and He rewarded those who used it.

P.S. I will still probably not jump out of a plane. 🙂



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