Go Ahead and Go

We have an amazing Father who wants only success for us. It continually amazes me that people don’t know how God is literally cheering them on to do what their passions are. Just start somewhere. Quit waiting for the billboard of life to tell you this is where you are supposed to be, so what if you fail… so what if it gets hard. You moving is always better than standing sitting. 

A few months ago, I was praying about direction that I need to take in my life. I said to the Father,” I have been standing and waiting, when is it going to be over?” He answered me, “You weren’t standing and waiting. You were sitting and wailing.” So often what we are “waiting” for is something we have to be taking steps for. I encourage you to find the strength to just take the steps and watch as Jesus walks with you every step of the way, He will show you where to go.

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