Keep Going ( a little motivation for your endurance)


So you are gaining momentum in chasing your goals? Everything is great and you are kicking butt!

And then… something throws you off. What now?

Keep Going! Get back on the ride and keep going. Gain the momentum again.

We sometimes quit before the battle is not yet won. Then, we don’t start again because of our failure or our setbacks. We may feel guilt and shame for giving up and failing.

Well, you only fail if you refuse to give up. So keep going!

I was on my new year kick of being at the gym. Two weeks in a row, I did great! Building consistency. And then life happened….

Appointments, business, kids… you name it. But I refuse to give up. I have a goal I want to meet, so if I miss a day or two or three, thank God for grace!

If you have a goal and already have experience some set backs. Just keep going. Don’t worry about the failure or the mishaps, just keep going.

Spent too much and forgot your budget, keep going.

Got into an ugly argument with your spouse or friend? Keep going.

It may take some time to create new habits but it will happen. If you don’t quit.

You can achieve all you need to succeed.

If I haven’t said it enough… Keep Going… keep going…. Keep going.


Cultivate your life!

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