He who hopes in the Lord…

“He who has the most hope wins!”

Hope is the constant expectation that something good is coming. Its not a fingers-crossed wish. It doesn’t look at the circumstances, but the fact that God is good and He is always working things out for us. Faith says, ” I KNOW I have it.” I don’t have to waver on if I do, but rather that I know its mine. I love it!

I literally can’t help it now; I can not be without hope. If I am hopeless, then I am looking at the wrong master. Father God should always be in my vision and then, I know, it will all be alright. I absolutely love this subject. It gears me up, and sets me again to know I can not lose.

Psalms 31:24 – Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

Just a check up…

Taking time to process through the pain is important. Sometimes we don’t want to feel it or believe it’s there, we aren’t being vulnerable with ourselves. I see it, I feel it, and I trust the Father that He walks me through it. Then when it’s over, I can say, He is my deliver.

We don’t have to deny our feelings. That just tells us there is work we need to do inside of us. Like a check engine light. Often time we try to ignore it, but it can’t fix itself. We have to get under the hood and do regular maintenance. When our heart is exposed to pain or hurting, don’t try to ignore it. Don’t bring out the duck tape (quick fix), be brave and fully embrace what is wrong. And don’t be afraid to take it to a mechanic. Sometimes we can’t fix it alone.

An Adventure Ride

Imagine yourself riding a roller coaster…it slowly climbs up, and up, and up. Each clack of the track pushing to the top. As you reach the top there is a brief pause, you wait…anticipating, bracing yourself… excitement builds as you hear the release of pressure in the tracks under you. You are about to have a trilling journey of fun and exhilaration!

This is you now, in your new season. Your goals and your dreams. This is you with Papa God. It’s seems slow and steadfast, and maybe you’re a little unsure and nervous. Don’t be. Wait patiently because as you reach the top and you hear a release from Heaven, then…right then will you see all He has for you. You will begin an exhilarating journey with the Father that will bring joy and fill your heart with destiny.

All you have to do is get on.

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