When dreaming makes you tired…


I have goals. Dreams. And I am in full force trying to take action for each of them. Finances, health, and relationships. I am learning new things, trying what works, and getting myself ready for breakthrough.

Since October of last year, I have been working on growing our business with my husband. Seeing things we need to make it better, what works and what doesn’t. Its time consuming and yet, I have fully enjoyed seeing all the new things come into the spotlight. Well… most of it.

However, I am tired.

My tired is tired. And I realize that I need rest to help me through to the next portion of my goals. I wake up, and fall asleep thinking about what is on my list. But I have other goals I am achieving and one of them is helping my kids and others pursue their dreams and goals.

So, I haven’t published anything in a while. I write, but I don’t want to edit. I organize, only to forget where I put it. And last night I woke up because I couldn’t remember about an 8:30 appointment I had the next day, and then realized it was that morning, and I had already done it.

I am frustrated because I am tired. I am frustrated because I am learning new things that are changing my brain, and yet focusing is difficult, so I am having to learn it over and over. Ugh.

I often feel lonely and right now and, I hate sharing that pursuing your dreams will make you tired.

I am tired.

HOWEVER, I know if I keep going, there will be breakthrough. I will wake up one day and it will be a new chapter. I won’t have to struggle so hard to learn what I am learning and then I will get to teach what I know. I will be the expert in the thing that makes me cringe right now.

Pursuing your dreams will never be easy. It will take work, and sleepless nights. It will take determination and grit. Dig your heels in, pull yourself up by the boot straps, and put your big girls (or boys) underwear on and keep going.

I am tired. For me though, its too late to turn back. Its too late to give up. I am convinced. I am in this too deep. I am going to get to my destination.

So what if you ain’t perfect yet.

I know you are tired. I know if you are pursuing dreams and goals, its hard. So what if you feel stupid or inadequate, and the voices of your critics are taunting you. DO IT ANYWAY!

I know you have a life, and family, and work. I know you have to keep balance and sometimes slow down a bit. I know you will need to apologize for your snappy attitude and just have a moment of quiet in your closet because it’s the only place you have to get away for five minutes. Do it and then keep going. Rest, and keep going. Say daily affirmations and keep going. Laugh, and then keep going. Live, and keep going.

You dream is on the other side of your pursuit. You may need to rest or slow down, but keep going. Knowing that all your grit will get you to your dream.

Don’t get tired of dreaming.

Cultivate your life.

With all my love, Angela

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