Well, howdy. I’m learning the blogging game and having been writing blogs on and off for several years. Honestly working on my skills, my content, my myself, and living life. My first blog beautifullifeofgrace @blogspot was my first beginnings. A way to share my heart and love for life. Cultivate started as a motivational blog to encourage and uplift others to go after their  goals and dreams all while pursuing mine. 

Just last night I was conversatating with another blogger friend and talking about life and our love for writing and blogging. But honestly, I have no idea what I am doing so the process is slow as I still mommy, own a business with my husband, and serve in ministry. Life is full and never lacking of things to do.

The name Cultivate came from me homeschooling my kids. Teaching them they cultivate the education they want. The skies the limit to what they can learn, they just have to do the work.
We will have to work it out our own education. Pursue our passions. Often times we want it to arrive without tilling the soil again and again. It sometimes hard and rocky and needs nutrients, but if they don’t give up think of the knowledge they will produce.

Soon after, I met a man who puts things into perspective even more. My yard was full of weeds, and I didn’t know how to get rid of them. It was clear I needed help. The man said something I will never forget. As I was complaining about the weeds in my yard, he simply said one thing, and I got it!

“Ma’am you’re focusing too much on the weeds, but all you need to do is make the grass you have healthy.”

Now, I’m no gardener, but that made sense. Why would I focus on the negative, and ignore the healthy. He came continued to say when I focus on getting the grass healthy, it will over take the weeds.

I know what your thinking, “what about the weeds?”

He didn’t say not to treat the weeds or not to get rid of them. He didn’t deny they were there, he simply reassured me that my focus is for healthy grass, not weeds. 

Cultivate is about doing the work. Tilling the soil. Planting. Learning how you grow. Changing mindsets. Continually growing so that the weeds in your life become a vague, and your life blossoms into what you want it to become.

So again life is about cultivating it. And here we are. So because I believe we all have common ground ( pun intended), I feel like why do this alone. 2 is better than 1, so we should be working together. We have a goal, we have a dream, we desire to make our lives better. And we can!!

So if your new, I’m trying. Stick around, there might be something that inspires you. My heart, my goal is to see you till the soil of your life and produce great fruit. Cultivate your life you always wanted. 

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