New Year… New Dreams

Let’s get ready… I don’t want to forget to enjoy the moment or the season, but truth be told, I am ready to see what in store for next year. Here we are, 2018 is here. Really. A few more days and we will ring in a new start and new beginnings. 

I know some of you make think that resolutions are cliché. However, I take the 6EF5DF14-463B-401C-B7C7-3449EEAD21C1time to reflect on the past year, and set new goals and visions for my life. I think I live to see the new year with new mile markers to shoot for.

You know… at the beginning of this year… I knew we would have big changes. And boy… did they. Some of it, I stand in awe of God’s goodness, and the other… well I am thankful I am just making it though with grace.

So this year I feel like I want to build momentum. I see some more growth and more changes. So I am gearing up for them. I plan on walking in my life’s calling. Not waiting for striving for it anymore, but actually see dreams fulfilled. I except fearless awesomeness.

So what is next for you? Do you think of plans or things you want to accomplish? Do you see yourself making these goals? How do you make plans for the upcoming year?

It’s important we ask ourselves these questions. It gives us direction. It gives us hope and purpose, but it keeps up from just letting life happen to us.

So this is short and sweet. Start dreaming again. Start thinking about things you want to do or accomplish. Then I want you to write them down. Write it down so you tell your brain that this is real. These goals are concrete.

That is all I want you to do for now. Write it down. All of them.

I often tell people if you have never done it before, then just start with a dream list ( I don’t like the word bucket list), and write 100 of anything or everything you want to do or acquire. Its fun and it gets you thinking.

If that seems overwhelming. Then start with 3 things you want to see happen in these three categories. Spirit, Soul, and Body. Or Relationships, Finances, and Health. It does not have to be complicated.

Oh, how I love to dream. But now, I love to do one thing each day to make those dreams come into existence, even if they take longer than expected. Are you willing to wait? Sometimes, it just takes time. Dont’ get discouraged because it will come, if we don’t give up.

We are not alone. We are working this out together. I do want to help. Leave a comment or question below and I would love to help you any way I can. 

Remember #cultivateyourlife



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