What to do with Dream Crushers

After giving a message yesterday on Vision and Goals, someone asked me a question.

“What do I do if people are negative or “dream crushers?”Well, there will always be people who do not believe in you or will not champion your dreams for your life. There will always be critical and judgmental people who will speak negatively into your life.

My thoughts: Love them, but keep them away from your dreams. Don’t listen.

Setting goals for your life is helping you attain and achieve them. Each day you set time to look over, think, meditate on the dreams of your life is important.

I have had a dream to live on land with a house that will hold lots of people. I love hosting and I want more space so that I will never have to turn anyone away. I told a person who came to visit me about my dream and showed them a house that I may want to purchase some day. It was a large house with land in an upscale neighborhood.  They told me flat out, “YOU will never live in a place like this.” They begin to tell me about the cost of living, taxes, the lawn maintenance… all the things why I couldn’t do it.

As you can tell, I got angry on the inside. I didn’t argue or reciprocate any defiance. I simply realized two things.

 1.Do not share my dreams and goals with small minded people.

  1. I learned what that person really thought of me.

Did it hurt? Of course! However, you can not allow the naysayers or Debbie downers, get in your head. If anything, it propelled me to believe more.

People, I am sure, thought Thomas Edison was crazy. They probably mocked and laughed at each failed attempt. They probably begged him to stop dreaming and do something else. But no, after 1,000 failed attempts… and being called stupid and non-productive, he invented the light bulbs which changed our entire world.

Often times, we have to forgive those who do not know, and then continue in the process. Go back to your journal or board and remind yourself why you have your dreams.

There will always be times when you wan to give up or stop, but if you remember your “why”, then you quickly get on track and keep going.

Be excited about your dreams. Get excited about the possibilities. Get excited when you think of the impossible happening. And even after your 1000th attempt, keep going.

Soon after the person told me that I would never live there, I got angry. Not at the person, but the thought that it tried to stop me from dreaming.

I currently live in a neighborhood that faces that same neighborhood I took my dream crusher to. I look over to the hill and think of the possibilities. I think, one day, I will live there. I am working toward my goal and I believe that my dream will happen.



2 thoughts on “What to do with Dream Crushers

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  1. It’s always when we are really excited about something… Someone will come along and sock you in the gut with their defeatism. I am learning to take that feedback and ask God what He thinks about it. Negativity can claim your headspace for days if you don’t address it. And sometimes some of what was said may be true in some aspects but God will always give you hope and joy for your future. Flush it if it’s bad and keep what is good.

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