Joy! Today let’s focus on renewing our joy. Let us joy in our salvation. Let us create an atmosphere of joy for those around us. Joy is a powerful tool to change atmospheres, to give hope, and to bring us to a place of love. We often want to sit in our own negative thoughts of all the whys and why nots, but cast those aside and pursue joy. Joy is not an emotion, it’s your inheritance. Jesus told us that we may have joy and that it remain full! When we discover God is good and he is for us, we discover who we are to him and in him. We are the apple of his eye and we bring Him joy. So today… dance, sing, shout for joy! Laugh, giggle, and allow all the joy to bubble up inside you! #cultivateyourlife #joy #love #jesus #revival #prophecy #prophetic #kingdom #thekingdom #heaven #laughter #inspiration #peace

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