What She Sees

Have you ever struggled with self-image or body image? For most of us, it’s a real deal. I struggled with it my whole life. Being an overweight teen and watching my thinner friends wear the trendy clothes or get asked out my all the guys.

I remember praying to God about the person I would marry. And I thought to myself, I’m gonna marry a guy while I am still fat because I want him to love me for me and not my body. Wether that was the right mindset or not, I did. I married a guy who absolutely loved me for me! In fact, he never once did he call me a name or seen my size. And he continues to make me feel like the only woman in the world.

But as most women do, it sometimes doesn’t matter, if alI you see is a not so perfect body and feel so ashamed of what I saw in the mirror.

Even after kids and my weight climbed, it was worse and made it more apparent.

On my weight loss journey I was at a marriage conference. The leader asked all the people who have ever had issues with their body image or body shaming to please stand so she could pray over us. She asked us to ask Jesus what He thought of our body. That’s a great question. What did God, my creator, think of my body?? As I stood there for a moment, the scene of Mary Poppins came to my head. Except I was holding the measuring tape and as I unrolled it, the words, “ PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY” appeared on the tape. I began to laugh then weep. It all didn’t matter anymore, what I thought of myself, what I thought others thought of my body, or even what my husband thought of me. Nope, the only thought that mattered was God’s thoughts of me. I can now bless my body and all the parts I don’t like about myself, because I know He sees it differently. I think I will carry that into the rest of my life.

☕️ My sweet friend gave them cup to me, because I know she knows my story and my journey. I absolutely love it! A reminder of the girl who was set free from her view of herself. I can embrace the view Jesus has for me spirit, soul, and my BODY.

I often tell people that it wasn’t my weight loss that brought me to a new place, but a new mindset that brought me to believe in my weight loss. It was actually loving myself enough to finally do something, I felt I couldn’t do before. My journey isn’t over and I love that! I love that I continue to discover more truths about health and who I am as I work on my health and love myself.

Today, I am looking into some new transitions about my body and praying about the next steps. I can’t wait to share my journey with you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. The cycle of shame that the world and the enemy creates, keeps us from truly loving ourselves and instead of seeing the potential we have, we see the shame that we can’t overcome. It’s twisted, God created you and He wants you to love His creation like He does, but the world only criticizes. If we can’t see past the accusation to our identity then we can’t actually effect change. Start with thanking God for your body and bless every part.

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