How is your 2020 going so far?

Miss me? Yeah, it’s been a while. I haven’t blogged in a hot minute. But today I think is the day.

If some of you experienced a hard 2019, then I am in good company. It. Was. Hard.

But I have to say that with all my good intentions and goals, the start of 2020 has been hard too. Why? I have no idea.

The very last day of 2020 we got hit with some hard news from about one of our kids. The shock of it all left us in a daze. Then, we made a decision to have our friends’ partner with us in our business. We love and trust them and believe it was good fit, but then business was a little scarce. Ugh… what in the world?

We made changes drastic in our finances to help us get out of debt and help us build some momentum in lives. And again, we get hit with not 1 but 4 unexpected bills that needed to be paid. What!?!

Not to mention the marital tension that occurs when money and family matters are at an all-time high. Yeah, thanks 2020, its only February.

Although it seems like I am a Debbie downer, I still have hope that we need to muscle through and keep going. I mean what choice do I really have? Its either press on or find a hole somewhere and die. Ok, that is a bit dramatic, but you get my drift.

I want to cry every day. I want to throw a full-on fit! The one you see toddlers do when they are in the store with their mommas. We just walk by and either want to spank that child or feel for the mom. But it wouldn’t do any good. I have to admit, I occasionally have a pity party, a party of one. But then I recoup and continue.

Crying is a release and good for the soul. Lots of tears. So is laughter… (remember that)

I told a friend… It’s like I am detoxing. When you are on a diet, you detox for the first several days. You feel tired. Your body is tired. And you feel like crap. But then somewhere after the 4th or 5th day (that is how long it take me) You start to feel “normal” again and then you start gaining more energy and momentum. You get the fat burn phase and you are soaring. If you just don’t quit.

As a health coach I see it all the time. People don’t like the plan they are on because they are too restricting, and you have to “give up” so many amazing foods. Truth is it’s our indulgence of food which is why we need to lose 20 or 30 pounds. Believe me, I know. After being 315 pounds of a lifetime of poor choices, I know exactly how I got there. Yet, coming to reality that I had to have help getting me out of my 315 pound jail cell.

So, here I am in the “jail cell” of some of my choices. Although, some of them I didn’t ask for, it still could have been solved if I would have saved more money, spent less, and maybe managed my finances differently. I fell into the trap over and over again.

I do believe that God is going to help me and my family. I don’t think He is a cruel dad. The day we repent, He comes in and helps us. It may take faith to get us from one place to another, and it will be good.

Now, I believe that I am in a position right now to push through a little. You know when you are feeling like you are up against the wall. The only way out is through the adversity. You start thinking, getting creative and a fear becomes less of a bully. You fight back.

So, if you are reading this. If you are going through a hard time… whether in finances, family, marriage, spiritually, or whatever. Maybe it’s time you push back.

(chuckling) I just read the corniest book called Rhinoceros Success. It’s a short book by Scott Alexander. A bit funny but lots of truths. Rhinos, that’s us, charge through life. They create paths! Rhinos are doers, we get it done. I suggested you read it, you will laugh at the ridiculous analogy, but appreciate they life truths, if you want to change your life.

Well, here we are. If you want to cultivate your life. Maybe it’s time to get off the path you’re on and create the path you were intended to lead. It’s a new season, new year, and a new decade!

Let’s do this together and see how far we can really go.

I know God has a purpose for all of us. He has a purpose for all the pain as well. It may be hard. It may seem endless. But it’s not. It will pass too. Its ok to cry. But it’s always ok to rejoice. Rejoice that when we go through hard times. Its won’t be for long, but we are breaking thorough into something new!

Go #Cultivateyourlife

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