He is my Good Friday

I have known Jesus since I was young. I always felt a deep connection to Him.

When I was 15, I made a decision that changed my life. I made Him Lord of my life. I made a decision that has stayed with me my whole life.

While watching the 700 Club a man told me that God wanted to be a Father to the fatherless. That was me. Fatherless. And I made a decision, that if He would never leave me, I would never leave Him. I can now say that I have been Fathered by the best father.

He is all have known my whole life. He has brought beauty from ashes over and over in my life, and I will always be grateful.

Jesus has been my source of hope and healing. When holidays come that included him, I just don’t want to leave anyone out. Today is Good Friday. The day my savior paid for all our sins and was and is the perfect lamb of God.

He died a death I could not die. He paid my debt I could not pay. I am redeemed.


I have grown up in church most of my life.

I love His Church. They have been my people my whole life and I am always home with them. I have had some of my greatest pain in church, but it does not outweigh the greatest joys I have had in His church. I have never been in “full time” ministry, but I have served, pastored, taught, loved, and given my life to be with His people. I don’t think that will ever stop.

Although the past few years have been hard because dreams in my heart were deferred. It is in the hidden times; we find out what we really believe and who we really are. When there is no one else to turn to, we can fix our eyes on Jesus.  I have come to see that “church” never stops. Even when the walls have been removed. His church never stops. Because regardless of the walls, we will never stop pursuing Him.

Not being with people has been hard.  I love seeing people come together to worship and adore Him. Even now, I am crying thinking of hands lifted together in unison to worship a beautiful savior.
He is that good and He deserves all the praise and all the honor. He always brings life and freedom. So, as we can’t be together, don’t let this Sunday go by without raising your hands in unity all over the globe! Because regardless of what is going on the world right now, He is still Jesus.

Good Friday always reminds me that our stories are to be shared. How we can come to Jesus and He makes all things new. Your story matters too. How did you come to know Jesus? This is the time to remember Him. I want to encourage you this weekend. Don’t stay the same. Let his love for you transform you. He gave everything He had for you. Give Jesus all you got. This is how we start revival.

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