This is a chapter of our story

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” –Bob Goff

Encouragement and Prayer for today.
Father, lift our heads to see you. Even in the midst of uncertainty and the unknown, we are known by you. You hear every one of our cry. You see and know every one of our pain. We don’t have to be strong in front of you. Because I’m our weakness, you make us strong. We come to you knowing we will be comforted, but also our chapter isn’t over. We won’t look downcast on our current situation, but be reminded that goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives. We look to you. The story is unfolding. You have good plan for us. This is just a chapter in the moment of our lives. Amen. #pray #love #jesus #encouragement #faith #hope

He Hears Us

I was driving the other day as I ran a few needed errands. Praying as I drove. I prayed about the day. The state of our nation and world. People who are out of work. People who are infected. People who need hope and security.

Then this scripture cane to me.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Philippians 4:6

He reminded me that I am not suppose to be anxious for anything. I am suppose to be making my requests known with thanksgiving. He hears us when we pray. He is not hard of hearing. He is not complacent. He sees us and hears us.

What if the prayers of your past year are about to be answered. What if you dreams and desires are coming. He is faithful and he is working things out, even in the midst of chaos and disorder in the world, he still lives and revives His children.

As I was giving my requests to God that day, I had the peace that He hears us and He is still working things out in all our lives. He is the God that makes ways in the wilderness and streams in the desert. Trust His process. He didn’t do this to us, but He will make a way out.

What She Sees

Have you ever struggled with self-image or body image? For most of us, it’s a real deal. I struggled with it my whole life. Being an overweight teen and watching my thinner friends wear the trendy clothes or get asked out my all the guys.

I remember praying to God about the person I would marry. And I thought to myself, I’m gonna marry a guy while I am still fat because I want him to love me for me and not my body. Wether that was the right mindset or not, I did. I married a guy who absolutely loved me for me! In fact, he never once did he call me a name or seen my size. And he continues to make me feel like the only woman in the world.

But as most women do, it sometimes doesn’t matter, if alI you see is a not so perfect body and feel so ashamed of what I saw in the mirror.

Even after kids and my weight climbed, it was worse and made it more apparent.

On my weight loss journey I was at a marriage conference. The leader asked all the people who have ever had issues with their body image or body shaming to please stand so she could pray over us. She asked us to ask Jesus what He thought of our body. That’s a great question. What did God, my creator, think of my body?? As I stood there for a moment, the scene of Mary Poppins came to my head. Except I was holding the measuring tape and as I unrolled it, the words, “ PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY” appeared on the tape. I began to laugh then weep. It all didn’t matter anymore, what I thought of myself, what I thought others thought of my body, or even what my husband thought of me. Nope, the only thought that mattered was God’s thoughts of me. I can now bless my body and all the parts I don’t like about myself, because I know He sees it differently. I think I will carry that into the rest of my life.

☕️ My sweet friend gave them cup to me, because I know she knows my story and my journey. I absolutely love it! A reminder of the girl who was set free from her view of herself. I can embrace the view Jesus has for me spirit, soul, and my BODY.

I often tell people that it wasn’t my weight loss that brought me to a new place, but a new mindset that brought me to believe in my weight loss. It was actually loving myself enough to finally do something, I felt I couldn’t do before. My journey isn’t over and I love that! I love that I continue to discover more truths about health and who I am as I work on my health and love myself.

Today, I am looking into some new transitions about my body and praying about the next steps. I can’t wait to share my journey with you.

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Joy! Today let’s focus on renewing our joy. Let us joy in our salvation. Let us create an atmosphere of joy for those around us. Joy is a powerful tool to change atmospheres, to give hope, and to bring us to a place of love. We often want to sit in our own negative thoughts of all the whys and why nots, but cast those aside and pursue joy. Joy is not an emotion, it’s your inheritance. Jesus told us that we may have joy and that it remain full! When we discover God is good and he is for us, we discover who we are to him and in him. We are the apple of his eye and we bring Him joy. So today… dance, sing, shout for joy! Laugh, giggle, and allow all the joy to bubble up inside you! #cultivateyourlife #joy #love #jesus #revival #prophecy #prophetic #kingdom #thekingdom #heaven #laughter #inspiration #peace

I Don’t Do Guilt Trips

I don’t do guilt trips. I am a busy mom, wife, entrepreneur, minister, and all the other things crammed into my amazing full life. As much as I love to give my time and energy into doing things for people, I will not perform from guilt or shame. My goal is to love the best I can and sometimes I have to say no. Sometimes, I have to choose who I can help and when. Although I would love to do it all. ( and I would), for the sake of my sanity, I need to decline. That is ok. I love better when I get to be me. But please don’t try to get me to live according to your needs or standards. Please don’t try to persuade me to do something because you feel entitled. I can no longer live like that. In pursuit of my best life and a life full of joy, I choose to continue to love you and others well because, I give my time and energy from love not for it. ❤️#cultivateyourlife #guilt #shame #empowerment #moms #wives #love #joy #lifestyle #peace #jesus