When dreaming makes you tired…


I have goals. Dreams. And I am in full force trying to take action for each of them. Finances, health, and relationships. I am learning new things, trying what works, and getting myself ready for breakthrough.

Since October of last year, I have been working on growing our business with my husband. Seeing things we need to make it better, what works and what doesn’t. Its time consuming and yet, I have fully enjoyed seeing all the new things come into the spotlight. Well… most of it.

However, I am tired. Continue reading “When dreaming makes you tired…”

Just a check up…

Taking time to process through the pain is important. Sometimes we don’t want to feel it or believe it’s there, we aren’t being vulnerable with ourselves. I see it, I feel it, and I trust the Father that He walks me through it. Then when it’s over, I can say, He is my deliver.

We don’t have to deny our feelings. That just tells us there is work we need to do inside of us. Like a check engine light. Often time we try to ignore it, but it can’t fix itself. We have to get under the hood and do regular maintenance. When our heart is exposed to pain or hurting, don’t try to ignore it. Don’t bring out the duck tape (quick fix), be brave and fully embrace what is wrong. And don’t be afraid to take it to a mechanic. Sometimes we can’t fix it alone.

An Adventure Ride

Imagine yourself riding a roller coaster…it slowly climbs up, and up, and up. Each clack of the track pushing to the top. As you reach the top there is a brief pause, you wait…anticipating, bracing yourself… excitement builds as you hear the release of pressure in the tracks under you. You are about to have a trilling journey of fun and exhilaration!

This is you now, in your new season. Your goals and your dreams. This is you with Papa God. It’s seems slow and steadfast, and maybe you’re a little unsure and nervous. Don’t be. Wait patiently because as you reach the top and you hear a release from Heaven, then…right then will you see all He has for you. You will begin an exhilarating journey with the Father that will bring joy and fill your heart with destiny.

All you have to do is get on.

The Things We Did Right…

The Things We Did Right

Cultivating love between to people takes work. It’s choosing that person every single day, again and again. Even when tempers flare and life becomes over involved. Even when they misbehave and need help. You can become a better couple today.

Today is my anniversary, and we love to make it feel special. Last year, my wonderful husband worked extra hard and finally took me on my honeymoon. We went to Hawaii. Although we aren’t going to any place extravagant this year, we will celebrate us for sure.

I always feel sentimental in our milestones and victories. After all, we could have been a statistic but choose to deny the odds.

He and I had our hard times. If I really try we can remember the ugliness of our past. Where we came from, the stuff that creeps in, and everything in between. We aren’t perfect and still have things we need to work out, and do not always communicate in the best manner when things get heated, but over the years we know we have done some things right.

We were young when we married. That defies odds. We felt that even when our families did not approve of our union, we had each other. We decided to never allow the “D” word in our vocabulary with each other because we are better together than apart. We have a staying factor. Everything is trivial compared to what God has for us to do. We are not going to let the enemy destroy what God has put together.

We do not stay mad long. If we get upset with each other and even if it takes a few days. We will make up because we love our connection. We value our friendship and oneness, we know that we not only choose each other, but we complete each other. (I have to admit, my husband is a better forgiver than me.) So I am thankful for grace.

We have fun together. We had to really learn this. My idea of fun may be a shopping trip and his idea of fun is a thrill seeking adventure. So we often have to compromise or find things we can do together. I love that about us. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it does not. But at least we tried.

We reminisce a lot. Not about the bad things. That is always easy to do. We laugh about our innocence of not knowing. Our adventure in life together and we often know what worked and what did not.

But we talk about falling in love with each other and the fun we had.

It’s the encounters that made our life worth every risk. Sometimes it worked out and other times we chalk it up to stupidity.

We choose to remember the good and because of this, we have a great relationship.

We are on the same team. There is no one I would rather pick than him. We laugh together. We serve each other. We remember that every disagreement is not worth lost connection (even if it took longer to realize that.) We are better together than we are apart.

If you are in a relationship, you can cultivate love everyday for your spouse. Stop looking at their flaws. Tell them you believe in them. Tell them that whatever their going through, you can do it together. It is not your job to fix your spouse! You can only work on you. Grow you and love your spouse. Remind yourself of who they really are. Kiss your spouse. Invest in your marriage. It’s worth it and its needed. Learn how to communicate better. Learn to forgive. Everyday will give you a reason not to connect, but be intentional about connection with them.

I know every day may be a struggle. I know that each relationship is different. But I also know that any situation can be worked out. There is always hope. We have to be willing to do the work.

So from James and I… Have a prosperous marriage!


Your Words Make my Journey Brighter and Easier Everyday. 

Psalms 119:105 says that His word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. 

Each day as I start a new journey, as I plan out my day, my month, my life I look to His Word to guide me. I don’t look far. I don’t struggle because when I acknowledge Him, my heart and His heart begin to beat the same. 

His dreams for me become clearer and brighter, and they become my dream. 

Expectant,Excited, Thankful 

This year comes to a close… I’m ready. I’m expectant on what is to come. I’m excited about the possibilities and maybe the impossible too! I’m thankful for all the good memories, moments, relationships, and successes. When I look back, I’m humbled. Let the past go and look ahead. Let resentments fade and love come in.Leave disappointment behind and allow joy to have full reign. 

Setting Yourself Up for an Amazing Year

So maybe 2016 was trying… Ok, to be honest, half way through the year, I was ready for it to be over.

So what can we take away from 2016? What can we say we learned? What did God reveal to you?

Perception is key to where you need to go. How do you see yourself? Are you ready to go? Can you make it to the next chapter? Yes, you can!

I love when the end of the year comes because it means clean slate and begin again.

It means that even though we suffered some losses, that your life’s errors are redeemable. His grace is sufficient. He will turn our mourning into dancing. He will take our sins that are red as scarlet and make them whiter than snow. He will be the advocate in our lives and make us victorious ones. He IS that good.

So starting a new year right begins with you. Dust yourself off. Exchange your garment of heaviness for praise. And begin again.

A while ago, I was given some easy steps to make a new year’s declaration in my life. 3 things that will help you to focus on growth and cultivate new mindsets in my life. These 3 topics will help your New Year be better than last year. Stop and focus on them. Write them down. Habakkuk 2:4 and began to implement them in your life.

  1. Pick a fruit of the Spirit. We all posses the fruit of the Spirit inside us. But there are always one we can focus on.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Kindness, Faith and Self-Control. Galatians 5:22

Pick one and find someone that does it well, and just watch how they live it out. Find a scripture with it in mind, and declare it over yourself. Finally, began to see yourself as you would act if you had this fruit displaying in your life with other people.

  1. Pick a word or a declaration that you would want to declare over your life in the next year. For instance, “This is the year that there will be nothing missing, nothing broken, I will attain great peace.” It can be several. I always do three; One for finances, one for relationships, and one for health. Write it down and place it somewhere you see everyday. Like a bathroom mirror or even your refrigerator.
  1. Get a dream list. Simply write dreams that seem to far out of reach to attain for you. Maybe its go to Greece, or get married. It may seem like it will be far off, but allow yourself to dream and dream big. My heart is that you would have 100 things written down, but if you can only think of 25 then do it. Again, place them somewhere you can see them. Get pictures if you need to. Dream stirs up hope that good is coming. It challenges your brain that even in hard times, you can see a future of good. Its so good to dream.

Then, when all is written and done. Look at them, say them repeatedly, and see them every day so that you are reminded of where you are going.

So when you are tempted to dwell on the year of what could have been… I encourage you, no implore you…begin again.

Don’t wait until the new year to start…. Do it now. Take 10 to 20 minutes and write down what is on your heart for the next year. Place them somewhere you can see and start a new beginning before the old year runs out.

Cultivate your life….

I Am Thankful For 

Thanksgiving has passed and if you are a “normal” American, hopefully you have reflected on your life and are at least thankful for one thing in your life. Family, love, health. There is always something to be thankful for.

As I reflected my year, I have to say that I am thankful that this year is close to an end. Its not been an easy year emotionally, yet I would not have had it any other way. When life seems to bring hard times, our Father, who never leaves us alone, will always bring us something in return.

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If I Could Be Anything ( Getting Rid of Titles)


We live in a society and world that needs and desires titles to identify who we are. As children, we get ranked into title from birth, “First, middle, only, and the baby of the family.” As Student we get titled into the “Intellectual”, “the overachiever”, “the class clown”, or even “the trouble maker”.  As a college graduate, we know the pressures that determine the status of our degree and the importance of a good career goal. We can all agree that we have been called or have been categorized into one of these, or something similar. But what if these titles didn’t exist. What would define us? Continue reading “If I Could Be Anything ( Getting Rid of Titles)”

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