He is my Good Friday

I have known Jesus since I was young. I always felt a deep connection to Him.

When I was 15, I made a decision that changed my life. I made Him Lord of my life. I made a decision that has stayed with me my whole life.

While watching the 700 Club a man told me that God wanted to be a Father to the fatherless. That was me. Fatherless. And I made a decision, that if He would never leave me, I would never leave Him. I can now say that I have been Fathered by the best father.

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Ride the Wave


I keep hearing from the Lord, ride the wave.

I will be the first to admit I have struggled at home. Not my usual routine. Adjusting to new a lifestyle. Adjusting to all the news and emotions that come with it. Dealing with all new situations and sometimes not knowing how to process it all.

Why am I frustrated. I want to control something that I simply can’t. So there’s pressure and I am making myself frustrated for something that I can not change. For someone who likes routine and likes to plan, I find myself only planning for the next day.

As I was praying, I heard the Lord tell me to ride the wave.

I’m from Texas and when you go to the beach they tell you how to ride the riptide if you get caught in one. A rip tide is a strong current that usually pulls the swimmer or boater out from shore to the sea. It’s strong. When one gets caught in a riptide, their first instinct is to try to swim out. The swimmer gets exhausted swimming against the current, they drown from exhaustion. But experts tell us when we get caught in a rip tide to stay calm and ride it out until it ends. Yes, it’s carrying you out to sea, yes it’s scary to think not the unknown, but allowing the riptide to carry you not only saves your energy but your life. Then you can exit the riptide and swim back to shore.

I’ve been struggling to maintain all the daily routines, that I was swimming against the riptide. I need to just ride the wave. I have to remind myself, I’m safe a home. My family is safe, life will continue after all this is said and done. Not of us will leave this unaltered but many of us will leave changed.

I am not talking about riding the wave of fear. Or the fear of uncertainty. The opposite, ride the wave of trust in God.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “for I know then plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a hope and a future.”

We can get so caught up trying to figure things out, we miss what God is doing in our lives. God is not keeping things from us, He is getting things to us.

Ride the Wave. His wave. His wave is love. His wave is peace. His wave is security that He will see us through.

Yet, in the grand scheme of it. It’s a small moment in time that may feel like eternity.

I’m no expert. But some of you need to hear it too.

Ride the wave.

Do what you can with what you have. Hope for tomorrow. And the next day. And the days and weeks after. Allow yourself to feel all the feels. Just remember it’s a short moment. Don’t lose your joy. Don’t lose your peace.

Ride the wave. We will get back to shore in no time. #cultivateyourlife #pause

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I Don’t Do Guilt Trips

I don’t do guilt trips. I am a busy mom, wife, entrepreneur, minister, and all the other things crammed into my amazing full life. As much as I love to give my time and energy into doing things for people, I will not perform from guilt or shame. My goal is to love the best I can and sometimes I have to say no. Sometimes, I have to choose who I can help and when. Although I would love to do it all. ( and I would), for the sake of my sanity, I need to decline. That is ok. I love better when I get to be me. But please don’t try to get me to live according to your needs or standards. Please don’t try to persuade me to do something because you feel entitled. I can no longer live like that. In pursuit of my best life and a life full of joy, I choose to continue to love you and others well because, I give my time and energy from love not for it. ❤️#cultivateyourlife #guilt #shame #empowerment #moms #wives #love #joy #lifestyle #peace #jesus


Fully Surrendered.

Each of us has been in pursuit of a dream. The bible says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is the tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

Our hearts can get heavy waiting. Waiting for the breakthrough, waiting for a glimpse of the dream, waiting for all of the pieces you are holding to come together and create the life you are going after. Continue reading “Surrendered”

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